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Office 365 Solutions

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite of collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Office 365 allows everyone to share files, acces email, calendars and conduct those all important web meetings. Not only does Office 365 offer the latest in cloud technologies and collaboration, with Office 365 Microsoft guarantee that you will never lose access to your all important files and emails wherever you go. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise,Cosgrove IT have Office 365 plans designed to fit your organisation's unique needs.

Why choose Office 365?  

With Office 365, users are given the productivity and collaboration tools of Microsoft's Office suite with the added benefit that it is all hosted on the cloud (which Microsoft guarantee 99.9% uptime), meaning you have constant access to your email and documents without having to worry about servers crashing or forgetting that all important document on the go. Cosgrove IT offer a Office 365 subscription service which provides a cost effective and efficient service. Along with an office suite for on the go, Office 365 comes with expert support giving that extra piece of mind knowing your businesses documents and emails are in the safest of hands. Office 365 also works seemsly with your current office suites and IT Infrastructure giving businesses of all sizes the perfect all round suite.

How do I get Office 365?

For more information on Office 365 you can contact Cosgrove IT directly for a representative to assess your current IT Infrastructure and needs in order to offer you an Office 365 suite completely tailored to your business needs. You can also click on our links below to try out some of our Trial suites of Office 365 for small to medium sized businesses and enterprise.