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Please follow the link to complete our latest RenNet Survey.

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YouTube launches School version of site

YouTube, much like various other sites have decided to change its appearance and features. Along with their new look, YouTube also launches its unique school version of YouTube offering educational videos and unique profiles for schools and organisations also. The new schools version of the famous video surfing site is a decision on the part of Google to separate the not so educational material/videos on their site from those which could be utilised by teachers and students alike. For more information on YouTube's new endeavour check out our link below.

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Launch of St. Macartan's New Site

Our client, St. Macartan's N.S. launches its new look site, designed by Cosgrove IT. The site which provides useful information and newsletters for parents will also contain various pages for pupils and everyone to enjoy and find out what's going on at St. Macartan's. The site comes as another addition to the range of services we have provided for St. Macartan's and will hopefully serve as a perfect tool of communication for parents, pupils and staff at St. Macartan's alike. You can check out the new site by clicking on the button below.

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The Perfect Tech Gifts

Now that December is upon us and the Christmas season is in full swing people scramble and scatter looking for the perfect present. It can be hard to determine what exactly to get for someone especially if your not exactly offay with all the latest teen trends and don’t know who the heck Edward or Jacob are. However, there are certain presents which do not require knowledge of the latest ‘it’ thing and are gender universal and that is tech presents.

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Twitter's new look

Twitter, much like Facebook has decided to change its interface in a bid to keep the site fresh and create a more user friendly experience. The social networking site has already changed its appearance before for similar reasons. Many users appeared at first confused with the new layout and menu navigations but have since embraced the change to the site. Check out the link below to find out more on Twitter's new look from the social networking blog.

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Latest Tech Scams

With the Christmas season officially upon us and budget not far away, people have become a lot more wary on how much they spend and can budget for the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, there are many out there that realise the shoppers of today are conscious of spending too much and are always in search of a good deal or offer. Hackers and scammers have utilised this need for a good bargain and have exploited it for their own gain.

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