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Introducing Microsoft Live@edu. It’s the cost-effective Outlook Live e-mail service which provides the familiar and reliable Outlook Web Access (OWA) which can be co-branded with your school’s name and logo for students and staff. Live@edu offers more than just e-mail - it includes access to other programs and services that increase your school’s ability to collaborate and communicate, including calendars, document sharing, shared workspaces, blogs, instant messaging, mobile alerts, video chat, mobile e-mail and document access, and address books also.

Not only does Live@edu offer a completely unique way for schools and colleges to communicate and collaborate, supported with the latest in cloud technology, Live@edu offers the chance to create and embrace the school of the 21st Century with great storage, collaboration and discussion facilities available for students to submit work or receive tutorial help all through the web.

Cosgrove IT offers a unique service for education with Live@edu. By bundling this service with our Managed Service Level Agreements, schools and colleges can be given the piece of mind that all their IT is being taken care of and also utilise the power of cloud technology to further enhance their IT Infrastructure and experiences all the benefits Cosgrove IT can offer them through these cloud solutions.

With special pricing for SLAs and Live@edu subscriptions for schools, Cosgrove IT guarantee a cost-effective and efficent solution to all your IT needs. For more information you can contact Cosgrove IT directly and from utilising Microsoft's Live@edu, your organisation can begin to embrace all the cloud has to offer.